* 25 … A LONG MEETING & A VISITOR (12/19/2011 & 01/22/2012)

Less than 20 minutes transpired from the time the eldest brother hung up the phone to when he steered the Caprice Classic into the town hall parking lot, with his younger sibling with him. It took them a few minutes to find a parking spot because more than just the local Route 66 Association members were there. Word had spread quickly through town that part of the local Route 66 Association’s agenda was to discuss the idea of rebuilding the town’s train depot. Since the meeting was in their town, the townsfolk decided to voice their opinions and support … in person. Also in attendance was the brothers’ sister.

The local Route 66 Association whisked through four agenda items in less than an hour, and then came to the fifth and final agenda item … the rebuilding of the train depot … the discussion of which lasted an hour and a half. Per etiquette, the local Route 66 Association members first spoke about the proposal, then opened discussion to the public. And the public spoke indeed. The shopkeeper was the first to the open mic, telling everyone how much a rebuilt train depot would mean in terms of showing the world how the town had been. He was careful to caution against hoping for more trains to come through the area; that wasn’t the goal. After a seemingly endless line of people spoke, mostly in favor of the project, the head of the local Route 66 Association turned everyone’s attention to the oldest brother, who voiced his support of the project and told those gathered about the plan he and his brother had for a Route 66 trip.

At the end of the meeting, the three siblings waited their turn to leave. Many people expressed their appreciation for them attending. Several folks advised the brothers on who and what to see along their trip.

“I guess I’ll need to step in a bit more than I thought while you’re gone, huh?” queried the sister.

“Not necessarily,” replied the eldest, as the 3 siblings approached the Caprice Classic. “I don’t think this project will be moving THAT quickly.”

His sister shook her head. “I don’t know. Your idea to rebuild the train depot sure seems to be picking up steam….”

“Pun intended, sis?” interrupted the youngest brother, chuckling.

“…and I’d hate to see it stall while you’re gone,” continued the middle sibling, ignoring her younger brother, “…especially if the State decides it doesn’t like the idea….”

“Well, if you want to help, that’d be great,” replied the eldest. “We can talk more about it before we leave town. Right now, I know you need to get home, and I’m tired.”

With that, the siblings said their goodbyes, and the sister drove home to her family. The eldest was looking forward to a good night sleep when he and his youngest brother arrived home, but as he steered into his driveway, the Caprice Classic’s headlights illuminated another old car parked in the driveway.

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