* 24 … SURPRISE MEETING (12/16/2011)

The ringing phone pierced the early evening silence in the old family home the brothers now shared. The eldest was in his den, their father’s old office, working on papers for the business, and the youngest was in the living room checking a few websites on his laptop. It had been a couple of days since Jim Hinckley’s visit.

“I’ll get it!” yelled the youngest, anticipating the person on the other end of the line to be Kyle, but it wasn’t.

“It’s for you,” the youngest said, poking his head into the eldest’s office.

“Who is it?” asked the oldest.

“I don’t know. Someone from the local Route 66 Association.” The oldest brother picked up the phone on his desk, and the youngest went back to his computer in the living room.

It was, indeed, a member of the local Route 66 Association, calling to offer support for rebuilding the train depot. As the eldest discovered, the shopkeeper and Jim Hinckley had already started to make phone calls, unbeknownst to each other. The local Route 66 Association member told the eldest that he had been contacted by both men and had already contacted the other members, all of which expressed great interest in the project.

“Wonderful,” the eldest said. “But, my brother and I are preparing for a Route 66 road trip of our own and will not have time to put much into this effort until we get back, and we’re not sure when that’ll be exactly.”

“Oh,” came the reply from the other end of the phone.

“But, please,” continued the eldest, “make no mistake. We are very dedicated to giving this project life.”

“Well, good,” said the local Route 66 association member. “Because we are going to talk about it at our next meeting and wanted you, and your brother if he wants, to be there….”

“When is the meeting?” queried the eldest.

“Tonight,” came the reply, “in a half hour.”

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